hoo(key) Patent # 10,036,415; Patent # D808,769

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I'm So Excited! I received my Hoo(key)s! Definitely worth the wait. So happy I could support a Kickstarter Campaign. Now... who will I share them with..... Might have to keep all the colors for me! Wish I could attach a picture. They look and fee great.

Johanne J

The product quality is amazing... Perfect size and light. You can carry it easily.


Received today. Super quality. Ready to start poking and pulling. Is there a Retractable hoo(key) Keychain Holder in orange to match the Kickstarter color? I want to order a couple.

J Mark Barfield

I got mine yesterday yesterday and love it.

Joe Agri

Very pleased, great job on this project and delivery


Love my hookey!! Thank so much

Justina Moore

Arrived in Austria, works very well so far, i hope they will be stable enough!

Herbert Eder

Arrived in Japan the other day. Everything is great, works well with touchscreens 👍🏻


Want to Know More?

Small but Mighty - Lifts Up-to 50lb

hookey is made from die-cast aluminum giving it surprising strength and versatility. hookey can lift up to a 50lbs force — the equivalent of 15 grocery bags.

Antimicrobial Silicone Coating

 You never have to worry about germs getting into your pocket or on your keys, this reduces the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

Smooth! Multi-Finger Grip

hookey has a smooth, 3-finger grip instead of a single finger grip. A better grip gives you better leverage to open any heavy doors.

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